The left brain vs. right brain myth – Elizabeth Waters

“The human brain is visibly split into a left and right side. This structure has inspired one of the most pervasive ideas about the brain: that the left side controls logic and the right side controls creativity. And yet, this is a myth, unsupported by scientific evidence. So how did this idea come about, and what does it get wrong?” Elizabeth Waters looks into this long held misconception in the second video collaboration with myself and the team at TedEd. As part of their TedEd Originals series the video is sent out to over 4 million subscribers.

The visual concept behind this video was to represent the creative with analogue materials, and the logical with exaggerated pixels. The colour palette throughout is based on the 16 colours that the ZX Spectrum could display. As a long time nerd it was great fun to give a nod to one of my favourite home computers.


2 thoughts on “The left brain vs. right brain myth – Elizabeth Waters

  1. great animation! I would very much like to quote on this and would need therefore the titel / reserach / contact details from Elisabeth Waters. Any chance? thanks in advance! greetings from Germany sybs


    1. Morning, thanks for the nice words about the Animation! I don’t think I can give out any contact details of Elizabeth, I was in contact with her via TedEd. I think you might be able to google her, or perhaps email TedEd for more details?
      Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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